Start-Up Program Seminar Bundle

5 seminars for $125 — a $50 savings! This program is designed for taking the base seminars while working with a mentor on your business plan at the same time. These courses build on each other and are best taken in order.

Start-up Program Roadmap

Included Seminars:

  • Starting Your New Business - This 3-hour course is for people who have limited experience starting a new business, and is designed to provide a guide through the necessary steps of starting a business. The scope of content in this seminar covers the different legal business entities, licenses needed, taxes, and insurances that are needed to start a business. You will also learn the importance of developing a business plan, and how to begin researching and collecting the necessary information such as competitor knowledge and capital funding for you to begin building your own business plan.
  • Marketing your Business - This 3-hour course is for people who want to obtain customers and grow their business, whether they provide a product and/or service. During this course, you will learn various marketing strategies and many practical marketing steps and best practices to help you define your mission, analyze your current situation, conduct research, identify your target market, develop your marketing promotions, and much more.
  • Building Your Financial Plan - This 3-hour course is for people who have limited knowledge or understanding of basic accounting and finance. This seminar is intended to explain the methods and need for financial tracking, control, and generating the financial projections necessary to develop your plan such as: cash flow, income statement, break even and balance sheet.
  • Building Your Business Plan - Designed for anyone who has completed their business research, most of their marketing plan, and understands some basic accounting and finance. It explains the purposes and value of a plan and uses a content template to help determine what goes into each section of your plan.
  • Funding Your Business - This course is for people who think they might need funding for their business. It is designed for start-ups and existing businesses with cash flow or capital issues. The seminar explains the various sources of funds, their lending criteria, and how they differ.

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