Expert Tips to Keep Your Online Customers Excited and Engaged July 18, 2019, 1:00pm EDT July 18, 2019, 1:00pm EDT
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Surviving in online retail requires constant vigilance to keep your customers excited about your products and to be able to respond to the inevitable customer turnover. Keeping your site fresh and relevant, changing up products, building a customer community – these are all must-dos to survive in ecommerce.

In this session, you’ll hear from a seasoned ecommerce expert and head of marketing partnerships for Yahoo Small Business Dan Breeden, and learn how to:

  • Obtain great, free feedback on your site at trade conferences
  • Make sure mobile users can navigate your site without hassle
  • Take cues from brick and mortar stores on easy, economical refreshes
  • Create a dynamic customer community that encourages repeat site visits
  • Extend your product line to increase cart sales
  • ‘Always be on’ for your customers for closer engagement

About the Presenter(s)

 Dan  Breeden

Dan has been with Yahoo Small Business since 2006, focusing on building a community of strategic partners, developers and agencies who provide the tools and expertise that small businesses need to start, build and grow successful companies.

Head of Marketing Partnerships, Yahoo Small Business
Expert Tips to Keep Your Online Customers Excited and Engaged